Halleluja! REL Movie Nights are back!

Halleluja Poster

REL 360–our one credit course–is hosting its first movie night of the spring semester. We will be showing Halleluja by King Vidor. The movie–released in 1929 and the first to attempt to portray a non-stereotypical view of African American life–follows Zeke, the young male protagonist, as he breaks away from a life of sharecropping to become a minister, only to throw away his new lifestyle in order to reconnect with an old flame, and this is where the trouble truly starts. It’s a story of hardship, heartbreak, and redemption, and it’s a film you truly don’t want to miss! Continue reading

Movie Night on the Way! REL 360 Presents: Elmer Gantry

elmer-gantry-movie-posterOur one-credit course — REL 360 — is having another movie night. This time we’ll be following the antics of a fast-talking con man who’s on his way to “sell” religion to small towns across America, while combating a few troublesome love affairs along the way. Continue reading

“eXistenZ is Paused”

Picture 2Join the Religious Studies Student Association this Thursday, Sept. 11, @ 6 pm in Manly 211 (or in 207 if we get throngs coming out!) for “eXistenZ” (1999) — a film that fiddles with the boundary between the virtual and the real. We’ll even have some dinner there for you too…