Backstory: Prof. Sarah Rollens


Backstory” is a series that asks the REL Faculty to tell us a little bit about themselves, to explore how they became interested in the academic study of religion and their own specialty, elaborating on their current work both within and outside the University.

Where are you from?

This is a great question! Whenever anyone asks me this, I always wonder what they hope my answer will clarify for them about me, because it’s not a simple answer. I was born in Arkansas but moved from there while I was still young. While I was growing up, my family lived in Texas, Tennessee, and Ohio. After high school, I lived for one year in Missouri before moving to North Carolina. I lived for a semester in the United Kingdom while I was studying abroad, and before coming to Alabama, I lived for six years in Canada (both Alberta and Ontario). So, in sum, I am from many places! Continue reading