AAR, Take Three

aarbslWe know you’ve been waiting for the third installment of interviews from the AAR. This video features two of our faculty members, Profs. Eleanor Finnegan and Steven Ramey, talking on their conference experience and the benefits of collaboration at these conferences.

AAR 2013: Talking with Our Faculty from UA Religious Studies.

AAR, Take Two


Prof. Ted Trost, who is currently on sabbatical at Leeds University in Leeds, England, met up with us at the AAR to talk about what he’s doing during his year abroad. To find out more about sabbaticals and Prof. Trost’s work, take a look at the latest video from the AAR.

And stay tuned for Part III…

AAR 2013: Talking Sabbaticals with Prof. Trost from UA Religious Studies.

REL at the National Conference for the American Academy of Religion, 2013


The faculty of the Department of Religious Studies recently attended the National Conference for the American Academy of Religion which was held in Baltimore, MD, this year. The interviews are broken into three parts with the first one featuring our Instructors Profs. Sarah Rollens and Michael Altman.

See what they had to say about their conference experience, and stay tuned for more…

REL Goes to the 2013 AAR from UA Religious Studies.