Zombieland is Your Land


Sarah Griswold is a junior double majoring in Mathematics and Religious Studies. She spends her “free time” analyzing her favorite shows on Netflix, which of course winds up ruining them. This post was originally written for Dr. Sarah Rollens’ course, REL 360: Popular Culture/Public Humanities.

Stories about zombies are a fascination for many people in today’s popular culture. Beyond zombie movies and television shows, there are books, games, and even people who are preparing in real life for a threat that will never come. Dr. Kelly Baker, who recently spoke about zombies at the annual Day Lecture, even reminded the audience that the Center for Disease Control makes a formal statement periodically to reiterate that zombies are still not real. For an example, check out this article from The Huffington Post from back in June of 2012.

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Religion on the Television (Part 2)

2a Scandal

The depiction of Southern Christianity is limited somewhat on Nashville (see previous entry). It also makes a small but significant appearance on another popular prime time TV show: Scandal. Part The West Wing, part Homeland, Scandal develops in two locations, primarily: the Oval Office of the White House and the Office of Pope and Associates. The main characters of the show are Olivia Pope (Kerry Washington), a manager of political crises, and Fitzgerald Thomas Grant III (Tony Goldwyn), the President of the United States and Olivia’s sometimes lover. There is much that could be said about the show; for those unfamiliar with it, a good place to start is the Scandal homepage with its featured “OMG Moments” (something of a nod to religion?). Continue reading