#LoungeTweets: The Be Sure To Feed Your Garden Gnomes Edition


On Wednesday, Prof. Michael Altman was the first faculty member to take part in Live Tweets from the Lounge. It was a riveting hour of Twitter exchanges. Rumor has it that faculty are now fighting over who gets to hang out in the lounge next. Stay tuned for more details. Continue reading

ar·ti·facts with Prof. Altman

altman artifact

The next episode in our ar·ti·facts series has been uploaded! This installment features Prof. Altman and his “filtered” photograph of the Quad. Is it Instagram or is it just old?

ar·ti·facts: The Filtered Past with Prof. Mike Altman from UA Religious Studies.

A Good Book with Prof. Altman

orientalism book

The next video in our A Good Book series has been uploaded and is ready for viewing! The third installment of our newest series features Prof. Mike Altman as he discusses Richard King’s  book Orientalism and Religion, including the experience of meeting the author himself, who gave our annual Aronov Lecture last year. Enjoy!

A Good Book with Prof. Altman from UA Religious Studies.

Backstory: Prof. Michael J. Altman


Backstory” is a series that asks the REL Faculty to tell us a little bit about themselves, to explore how they became interested in the academic study of religion and their own specialty, elaborating on their current work both within and outside the University.

Where are you from?

I moved around a few times when I was a kid but always in the South. I was born in Virginia and lived in Florida and Georgia briefly growing up. But most of my childhood was spent in North Carolina. I lived in Durham, North Carolina from fifth grade up to the summer before my junior year of high school. Then we made one last move to Lexington, South Carolina. My family still lives around there. Continue reading

On Skepticism


“Maybe those moments of persistence, guidance, motivation, and continuity are actually the moments where religion itself gets constructed. Maybe it’s shape-shifting because it is constantly being rebuilt. But by who? And to what end? These were the questions driving my skepticism.”

Seen Prof. Michael Altman‘s latest blog post on the Religion in American History blog? Read more here

REL at the National Conference for the American Academy of Religion, 2013


The faculty of the Department of Religious Studies recently attended the National Conference for the American Academy of Religion which was held in Baltimore, MD, this year. The interviews are broken into three parts with the first one featuring our Instructors Profs. Sarah Rollens and Michael Altman.

See what they had to say about their conference experience, and stay tuned for more…

REL Goes to the 2013 AAR from UA Religious Studies.