Research Suggestions, #48: To Cover or Not to Cover?

Have you been following the new U.S. President’s first overseas trip–including stops in Saudi Arabia, Israel, and Italy…?

Many news sources have commented on the fact that (as evidenced in the above photo), while in Saudi Arabia, Melania Trump, the First Lady, and her step-daughter, Ivanka, did not cover their heads (as is customary for women there) while in Vatican City, when visiting with the Pope, they did. Continue reading

The Places We Go: Deutschland

Photo Sep 15, 6 55 13 AMStudents occasionally ask me what I do other than teaching. “Research” is a very boring answer to many of them. They are more excited to learn that traveling to conferences is a big part of the research component of my job. On Sept. 15-17, I attended a conference in Essen-Werden, Germany. Continue reading