Crisis? What Crisis?

t1larg.women.workplaceAn interesting article appeared online at the New York Times‘ site back in June (thanks to a friend for sharing a link to it today), making the following argument:

Picture 2Might the so-called crisis in the humanities be a function of increasing opportunities for women across technical, business, and scientific professions once closed to them, thereby disproportionately forcing female students of the past decades into the so-called more cultured fields thought to be housed in the humanities? A limited option no longer enforced?

I certainly know that my own older sisters, born immediately after WWII, seemed only to have three options (or some overloaded combination of): housewife, nurse, or teacher. That’s hardly the world we live in now.

See what you think of the article.

Women’s Places

gideonsThe Gideons are on campus today, like every Fall, handing out copies of the New Testament. While I leave it to others to debate the place of such an activity on a US public university campus, I thought I’d relate a conversation I had with a gentleman just outside my parking deck this morning.

Me: Are there female members of the Gideons?
Him: Yes, there’s a women’s auxiliary.
Me: I ask because I’ve never seen women handing out New Testaments on campus.
Him: Oh, they visit places, like nursing homes and hospitals…
Me: I see; women’s places.
Him: … and motels, and hotels…
Me: Odd division of labor in the 21st century, don’t you think?