tranCendenZ or eXistenZ?

Picture 5Are we testing a new virtual game or testing a new virtual game in which we’re testing a new virtual game?

Do we have bio-ports of cool blue head units?

Is your head spinning?

Join us for “eXistenZ” (1999) tonight
@ 6 pm in MA 210 (or 207 if throngs show up).
And yes, there’ll be real food.

“eXistenZ is Paused”

Picture 2Join the Religious Studies Student Association this Thursday, Sept. 11, @ 6 pm in Manly 211 (or in 207 if we get throngs coming out!) for “eXistenZ” (1999) — a film that fiddles with the boundary between the virtual and the real. We’ll even have some dinner there for you too…