Liberal Arts Student Finds Gainful Employment

Yes, that’s our own Chris Scott — crimson cap, bottom right — in an Associated Press photo of UA’s 2011 graduation. He reports that this pic has so far been used online as a stock graduation photo by NPR, The Blaze, and Jezebel. He’s therefore let us know that he is willing to play the role of a university graduate, even a student (say, reading on the grass of a quad, smiling while drinking coffee in a library, studiously listening […]

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Living on a (Deconstructed) Prayer

Geoff Davidson earned his B.A. in Religious Studies and Political Science in 2009. He went on to earn his M.Div. from Baylor University in 2012. He is currently employed at Habitat for Humanity of Waco, Texas, while also working as a supply preacher. Last week a state representative in the Alabama Legislature lit up social media by proposing a bill requiring public school classrooms to begin each day with the examination of a text. The politician in question is Rep. […]

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Relative Authenticity

By Micah Davis Micah Davis is a nineteen year-old sophomore majoring in philosophy at the University of Alabama. He is also a Religious Studies minor. Attack on Titan is a current production anime that began airing in 2013 in Japan based on a manga created in 2009. There is a new live action movie adaptation which is set to release in 2015. If you YouTube “Attack on Titan live action movie,” you will find a couple of different versions of the advertisement […]

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Backstory is an ongoing series in which we ask a few questions of the REL faculty to learn a little more about their work, their background, and how they first discovered the academic study of religion. Mike Altman Matt Bagger Eleanor Finnegan Suma Ikeuchi Steve Jacobs Nathan Loewen Russell McCutcheon Steven Ramey Merinda Simmons Vaia Touna Ted Trost […]

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The Quarterback

By Brooke Champagne Brooke Champagne is an instructor of English and the Assistant Director of First-Year Writing at The University of Alabama.  She received her Master of Fine Arts degree in creative nonfiction from Louisiana State University.  While she makes her living as a teacher, she is a perennial student of writing, religion, and language, including REL 419 in Spring 2014.   On July 13, 2013, 31-year-old Glee star Cory Monteith died of a heroin and alcohol overdose.  He was found […]

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Can I Order the Authentic Dish, Please?

By Wesley Davidson Wesley Davidson is a senior Religious Studies major and Judaic Studies minor from Dothan, Alabama. He plans to continue his study of religion in culture at the graduate level and is currently playing the waiting game after finishing the application process. Recently while perusing The Huffington Post I came across an interesting article titled, “10 Common Food Terms That Have Lost All Meaning.” The article’s main concern is how certain food classifiers such as authentic and natural […]

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