Meet our Peer Mentors

This semester the Department of Religious Studies is proud to announce that we have teamed up with several students from various departments across campus to form our inaugural Peer Mentor Program (coordinated by Professor Touna). Because these students excelled in their REL Core course last semester, they will be available to help students in two of our survey courses this semester: REL 100 (sections 001 and 002) and REL 102.

Our peer mentors are (back row, left to right); Melody Ashcraft and Ryan Richardson. On the bottom row (from left to right) are: Jasmine Bonner, Samantha Warren, Joy Pettaway, and Morgan Frick. (Not pictured is Isabella Garrison.)

We’re particularly pleased that our first group of peer mentors represent so many different disciplines — which is indicative of the wide variety of students who regularly enroll in our Core Humanities courses. Melody is a freshman majoring in Mechanical Engineering with a minor in Religious Studies; Ryan is a junior who is majoring in Religious Studies with a minor in Computing Tech and Applications; Jasmine is a freshman who is pursuing a major in Kinesiology; Samantha, also a freshman, is studying Political Science; Joy is a sophomore majoring in Computer Science; Morgan is also a sophomore and is majoring in Biology; and Isabella, who is a sophomore as well, is majoring in History with minors in English and Public Policy Studies.

They’ve meet with Prof. Touna for an orientation (and even came back for a group photo) and some have already been involved in a class or a workshop on note-taking; they’re keen to tackle their new role and we’re very pleased to have them all aboard. In future semesters, the hope is to expand this program to assist students enrolled in all REL Core courses.

To learn more about the Peer Mentors Program and to get each mentors’ contact information, click here.