Halleluja! REL Movie Nights are back!

Halleluja Poster

REL 360–our one credit course–is hosting its first movie night of the spring semester. We will be showing Halleluja by King Vidor. The movie–released in 1929 and the first to attempt to portray a non-stereotypical view of African American life–follows Zeke, the young male protagonist, as he breaks away from a life of sharecropping to become a minister, only to throw away his new lifestyle in order to reconnect with an old flame, and this is where the trouble truly starts. It’s a story of hardship, heartbreak, and redemption, and it’s a film you truly don’t want to miss!

The screening is open to everyone!

(Even if you’re not in the class!) 

WHAT? REL 360 is a one-credit course designed to show four films throughout the semester that will provoke discussion about what exactly takes place when the humanities and popular culture collide.

WHEN? Thursday, January 21st at 6 pm.

WHERE? 203 Garland Hall

WHY? To learn about the past, as well as religion and culture from 1920’s America! It’s a captivating story, and it’s free to see! There will also be refreshments provided. Plus, it’ll let you know if this is a class you’d like to take in the future.

WHAT ELSE? Anyone can attend! If you decide you like the class, you can email Professor Bagger (mcbagger@ua.edu) for more information on the course, or visit the REL website.

Hope to see you there!


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