It’s Been a Busy Fall for the RSSA

The life of a student does not revolve, only, around which classes to take, what books to read, writing papers and taking exams–important elements, no doubt–but the life of a student is also about meeting people, sharing ideas and, yes, having fun. The Religious Studies Student Association (RSSA) knows how to do all these and here is the proof.

We kicked off the year with the Week of Welcome (WOW) event


And, yes, indeed, we have the fanciest buttons on Campus.

In fact, if you haven’t stopped by our tent during Get on Board Day you probably missed some more fancy buttons. Maybe we should have something like, “whoever has the full collection of buttons” gets a prize?! (Does our Chair read this?)

Get on Board day

Although we are strong on social media that’s not the only way we socialize, we very much enjoy dinners together…

Here we are at Surin


And Taco Mama was quite the hit (and what’s discussed at Taco Mama stays at Taco Mama).

Taco Mama

When the Department invites scholars to give a lecture, RSSA members have the privilege of having lunch with them (food is covered by our awesome Department) and we get to know them better and learn more about their work and studies. Here is RSSA with Prof. Joylon Thomas who gave our third annual Day Lecture on “The Buddhist Virtues of Raging Lust and Crass Materialism in Contemporary Japan” 

Joylon Thomas

But there is more…

We went Bowling (rumor has it that RSSA has intensive training, preparing for the “Manly Cup”! Do you hear that REL professors??)


And if you missed “Boardgames and Pizza Night” in the department’s lounge…, well…, you sure have missed a lot of fun!

Game Night

The semester closed with one of RSSA’s favorite traditions “Dinner at a Professor’s house,” hosted this year by Dr. Eleanor Finnegan and her husband Nigel Seaman, and sponsored by the Department!

Dinner at Dr Finnegan's

Now, if you missed some events this semester, worry not, because we do re-runs but also we are introducing some new cool events like “RSSA Coffee Breaks,” so you’ll get the chance to join in the fun.

And here is our RSSA committee busy planning events for Spring 2016. Stay tuned…, and join in!

RSSA meeting

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