A Great Start to a New Annual Event

photo 2-1Yesterday evening the Department hosted its first annual REL Honors Research Symposium that showcased our undergraduates’ own independent research. Our panelists Andie Alexander (a grad of REL), Jordan Atkinson, Seth Cox, Wesley Davidson, and Katelyn Smith presented their research—most of which was produced as a final paper for different courses in the department—on varying topics ranging from history and narrative, to religious/social identification, redefinition, and inter-generational differences.

DSCN4940Thanks to all of the students, friends, family, and faculty who came to support the students in their work—we had a fantastic turn out (and some great food afterward). Also, a big thanks to all who made this event possible (especially Dr. Finnegan, our host, and Betty Dickey, who helped organize it all).

DSCN4946We hope to see more familiar faces next year, so if you have an independent research idea, or an essay from one of our classes that you’d like to develop, be sure to talk with your REL professor about it!

DSCN4859Also, thanks to the REL 490 Capstone Senior Seminar students for coming out to support their colleagues and generate good discussion after the presentations. Y’all sure do clean up nicely!