There And Back Again, Part 2


Tim Davis (right), visited the Department on December 4, 2013, as the second returning grad in our new “There and Back Again: A Grad’s Tale” speakers’ series. Tim graduated from UA in 2006, taught high school Spanish for two years, before returning to UA for law school. He is now practicing law, with an emphasis in civil litigation, in St. Clair County, AL.

Prof. McCutcheon (left) posed the questions, Tim answered them, and seventy five students ate pizza and learned about law school, the relevance of the skills gained in the humanities — like reading, writing, and creative problem-solving — the importance of a study abroad experiences, and even how important it is to let loose a bit on game day. A couple may even get some extra credit points out of it.

We’ve got more of these events planned for the Spring semester, so we hope to see you there.