photo of a video camera recording a lectureSince 2012, the Silverstein Fellows in the Department of Religious Studies have filmed and edited (yes, they learned how to use iMovie and then FinalCutPro) videos that highlight the faculty, students, guests, as well as the ins and outs of life around Manly Hall–all of which can be found on our Vimeo page.

Predating our MA’s focus on digital humanities, REL’s video initiative is part of our larger social media presence; from Facebook and Twitter (as well as the Student Association’s own Facebook and Twitter pages), to Instagram and our Podcast on SoundCloud and Itunes, the Department takes seriously that learning takes place not just in classrooms, in exchanges between faculty and students, but also in cyberspace, where people may come across our Department and then learn a little about the academic study of religion. The Department’s blog is also among these public-facing strategies, and is a place where faculty, students, and even graduates explore ideas and make available for a wider public the work happening in our classes. (All of these sites can be accessed on the main homepage; see the icons toward the bottom.)

Here are just a few samples of the wide variety of short films
that the Department has made over the years.

Wonderin’ Where Our Majors Are…

50 Things for 50 Years

Breakfast at Manly Hall

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A Good Book series, as well as our annual
Welcome Back videos on Vimeo