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Silverstein Fellows


The Silverstein Fellowship is named after the late Dr. Joseph Silverstein who earned his B.A (in 1930) and his M.A. (in 1932) from the University of Alabama. As part of his Will a bequest was made to the University in 1998 and an endowment was established in his name. From this endowment we annually award Silverstein Fellowships to some of students.

As of the Fall of 2007, the Department distinguished what was formerly known as the Silverstein Scholarship from the Silverstein Fellowship--the latter being awarded to students to assist with funding their education through working as assistants in the Department.

Apart from assisting in the main office and helping Professors with their research projects, some Silverstein Fellows also assist with the Department's large enrollment REL 100 classes (as noted beside their names).





Clay Arnold


Adam Beach




Clay Arnold


Casey Matz


Jessica McDuffie


Summer 2003


Kim Davis




Kim Davis


Sara Jones


John Parrish (Fall)


Mark Primo-Hopkins (Spring)


Summer 2004


Kim Davis


Mark Primo-Hopkins






Guy Cutting


Josh McDonough (Fall REL 100)


Samantha Sastre


Christine Scott (Spring)


Marianne Stanton (Fall REL 100)


Summer 2005


Kim Davis


Christine Scott




Jennifer Goodman


Sarah Luken


Samantha Sastre (Spring REL 100)


Melanie Williams (Fall REL 100)


Summer 2006


Kim Davis


Melanie Williams




Jennifer Alfano (Fall REL 100)


Sarah Luken


Karissa Rinas (Spring REL 100)


Tsy Yusef (Fall REL 100)


Summer 2007


Karissa Rinas






Harrison Graydon (Fall REL 100)


Jaci Gresham


Chris Hurt (Fall)


Sarah Kelly (Fall REL 100)


Dan Mullins (Spring REL 100)


Summer 2008


Jaci Gresham


Jaci Gresham (Fall and Spring REL 100)


Madison Langston (Spring REL 100)


John Lyles (Fall REL 100)


Chris Scott (Spring REL 100)


Summer 2009


Jaci Gresham


Madison Langston


Jaci Gresham (Fall)


Madison Langston (Fall REL 100)


John Lyles (Fall REL 100)






Andie Alexander (REL 100)


Quint Langstaff


Madison Langston (REL100)


Chesley Peed


Chris Scott (Fall)




Summer 2011


Andie Alexander




Andie Alexander


Hannah Etchison


Jess James (REL 100)


Madison Langston (Fall)


Alyssa Lenox (Spring)


Caleb McKerley (Fall REL 100)


Chesley Peed (Fall)


M.G. Proaps


Summer 2012


Andie Alexander




Andie Alexander


Hannah Etchison


Virginia Langley (Fall REL 100)


M.G. Proaps (Spring REL 100)


Ashton Sims




Tiffany Nguyen


Jared Powell


Ashton Sims (Fall)


Nicole Stewart


Summer 2014


Jared Powell




Jared Powell


Catie Stewart


Emily Vork


Summer 2015


Jared Powell






Jared Powell


Caity Walker




Caity Walker