Religion in

REL 415.001
Religion in the American South


Dr. Merinda Simmons

Office: 207 Manly Hall
Office Phone: 348-9911
Office Hours: To be posted
Course: W 3:30-5:50
Location: Manly 210



This course will look at the roles and implications of myths and rituals in the American South, using the UA campus as its own case study and talking about how notions of "the past" come to be invented in different ways for different social purposes. Along with learning about specific religious groups and practices that find their homes in the region, students will tackle analytical classifications and contestations of "the South" as an identifiable geographical and cultural space. Because the course carries the Core "W" designation, an important component of the seminar is the culminating term paper, which we will take through the writing process throughout the semester. This includes brainstorming, drafting, peer editing, and revising. W


Fall 2015 (PDF)

Books (required)

McPherson, Tara
Reconstructing Dixie: Race, Gender, and Nostalgia in the Imagined South
Duke University Press, 2003
ISBN: 0822330407

Online Readings

Click the link here to be directed to a UA Box folder that contains readings for this class, in addition to the ones posted below.

James C. Cobb, "Introduction" from Away Down South: A History of Southern Identity (PDF)

Donald G. Mathews, "Introduction" from Religion in the American South: Protestants and Others in History and Culture (PDF)

Tara McPherson, "Dixie Then and Now: An Introduction" from Reconstructing Dixie: Race, Gender, and Nostalgia in the Imagined South (PDF)