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REL 311.001
English Bible as Literature

Dr. Ted Trost

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This core writing course offers a critical study of the Hebrew Bible (TANAKH) and the Christian Bible as distinct but related literary and theological traditions. Stories will be examined in light of their cultural and historical contexts. Emphasis will be placed on the literary-qualities of texts, though other approaches to the study of the Bible will be encouraged and explored throughout the semester. Goals of the course include: 1] an understanding of how the English Bible is constructed; 2] an understanding of the literary and theological relationship between the Old Testament and the New Testament; 3] an appreciation for the significance of TANAKH as a distinct literary and theological tradition; and 4] a greater familiarity with some of the stories that have provided the foundation upon which Western Civilization has been constructed. W


Spring 2017 (PDF)

Books (required)

Attridge, Harold
The Harper Collins Study Bible: Fully Revised and Updated

HarperOne, 2006
ISBN: 0061228400