Religion in

REL 240.001
Apocalypse in Contemporary Film

Dr. Theodore Trost

Office: 206 Manly Hall
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Course: W 2:00-4:40
Location: 207 Manly Hall

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The question of the end times has long fascinated people; this course examines its contemporary portrait in such films as Blade Runner, The Matrix, and The Left Behind. While these films constitute our basic "texts," conversations will be supplemented with careful readings from the biblical Book of Revelation and other scholarship.

Fall Syllabus 2012 (PDF)

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The Book of Revelation (PDF)

Collins (2) "Apocalyptic Imagination" (PDF)

Collins (3) "Crisis & Catharsis" (PDF)

Ostwald (4) "Movies and Apocalypse" (PDF)

Miles (5) "Older, Wiser, Stronger" (PDF)

Stone (6) "Fire in the Sky" (PDF)

Ostwald (7) "Hollywood & Armegeddon" (PDF)

Supplemental Material

Filmography (PDF)

Jones 1993 (1) daughters (PDF)

Gibbs 1993 (2) daughters (PDF)

McCoy 1999 (3) daughters (PDF)