Religion in

REL 124.001
Religion, Media, The South


Dr. Merinda Simmons

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In this course, we will look at how understandings of "religion," "gender," and "the South" are manufactured and shaped in media representations. Our specific context for study will be film. For a specific point of reference, we'll maintain a particular focus on movies that find the South as their setting. Within that context, we'll think about (among other things) how American popular cinema has tacked religious topics, th ways in which religion overlaps with formations of gender and race in the South, and the roles that film plays in shaping certain interpretations of religious identity in pop culture. Along with wtching movies with a critical eye, we will read scholarship in the arenas of religious studies, cultural and anthropological studies, and literary/film studies.


Fall 2011 Syllabus (TBA)


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