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REL 110.001
Introduction to the Old Testament

Dr. Steven L. Jacobs

Office: 201 Manly Hall
Office Phone: 348-0473
Office Hours: TR 11-1:30 pm
Location: LY 227
Course: TR 2:00-3:15

Graduate Teaching Assistant
Rachel Briggs

Office: 200 Manly Hall
Office Hours: TR 12:30-2pm

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A Core introduction to the books of the Old Testament (Hebrew Bible) in their historical settings, emphasizing textual analyses, literary forms/their function & use in the past and present in both the Jewish & Christian traditions. HU INB


Fall 2016 (PDF)

Books (required)

Jacobs, A.J.
A Year of Living Biblically
Simon and Schuster, 2008

Hayes, Christine
Introduction to the Bible
Yale University Press, 2012

Online Readings

Berlinerblau, Jacques
"Poor Bird, Not Knowing Which Way to Fly" (PDF)

Berlinerblau, Jacques
"What's Wrong With the Society of Biblical Literature"? (PDF)

Cohen, Shaye J.D.
"The Matrilineal Principle in Historical Perspective" (PDF)

Guest, P. Deryn
"Battling for the Bible: Academy, Church and the Gay Agenda" (PDF)

Hoover, Eric
"Gay and Christian" (PDF)

McClay, Wilfred M.
"Two Concepts of Secularism" (PDF)

Stark, Rodney
"Secularization, R.I.P." (PDF)

"History Today" (PDF)

Ben Yagoda
"The Seven Deadly Sins of Student Writers" (PDF)

"Why Publishers Love the Bible" (PDF)