Religion in

REL 105-001
Honors Introduction to the Study of Religion

Class Times:
TR 3:30-4:45
GA 208



Dr. Vaia Touna
Office: Manly Hall 202
Office Hour:
R 11-12:00 pm


Who was Rudolf Otto?

Who was Paul Tillich?

Who was Mircea Eliade?

Who is Karen Armstrong?

Who was Karl Marx?

Who was Emile Durkheim?

Who was Sigmund Freud?

Who is Stewart Guthrie?

Who was Ludwig Wittgenstein?

Who was Mary Douglas?

Who was Euripides?

Who is Jonathan Z. Smith?



As a general introduction to the academic study of religion, REL 105 focuses in detail on the problem of defining religion, and identifies the theories of religion's function or purpose implicit in each, and the practical implications (that is, social, economic, political) of defining it in this or that way. Examples where this is applied will be mainly chosen from ancient Greece. As the Honors/Core Humanities introduction to the study of religion, REL 105 examines in greater detail than REL 100, and in a smaller class setting, theories of the hitoric origin and modern function of religion. A minimum 3.3 GPA is required to register. HU INB


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