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Mr. Spyros Piperakis

Ancient astrology, magic, Hermetism, and Oriental cults of the Graeco-Roman era.


Learn more about Thessalos of Trelles (a first century CE Roman Physician)


Spyros Piperakis is a native of Athens, Greece, and was emplyed in the Department for the Spring 2012 semester, while working on his Ph.D. in the study of religion at Aristotle University in Thessaloniki, Greece, under the supervision of Prof. Panayotis Pachis. Mr. Piperakis's doctoral dissertation is entitled, "Thessalos of Tralles and the De virtutibus herbarum." His M.A. thesis, completed at Aristotle University in 2009, is entitled, "Astrology and Medicine: Theory and Practice in Graeco-Roman Antiquity."

Mr. Piperakis was the second Ph.D. student from Greece to come to work for a semester as a colleague in our Department (the first, in Spring 2010, was Ms. Vaia Touna). Along with the Department's annual study aborad course in Greece (begun in 2008), mentoring Greek graduate students was part of the Department's Greek Initiative--a program generously supported by the Dean of the University of Alabama's College of Arts & Sciences.


While in the Department, Mr. Piperakis observed REL 100 and REL 419 (taught by Prof. Simmons) along with REL 237 (taught by Prof. McCutcheon).