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Prof. Cary Nelson will be the 11th annual Aronov Lecturer in 2012-13...





Join us for the 10th Annual
Aronov Lecture

Dr. Ann Pellegrini
New York University
February 16, 2012, 7:00 PM
Location: Gorgas 205
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on this event here and here.

Watch a lecture by Prof. Pellegrini.
Get a copy of the flyer (PDF).
Prof. Pellegrini will also be hosted at a lunchtime discussion....
And visit the page for our Aronov Lecture to see who the 2012-13 lecturer will be...

Religion in Culture Lecture Series

Kurtis Schaeffer
Department of Religious Studies
University of Virginia
"Stories of the Buddha: Ancient, Medieval, Modern"
November 8, 2011
205 Gorgas Library
7:30 pm
Prof. Schaeffer's talk is hosted by the Department of History; from 2000-5 Prof. Schaeffer worked in our Department.

Rekha Nath
Department of Philosophy
University of Alabama
"Individual Responsibility for Collective Harms"
November 9, 2011
205 Gorgas Library
3:00 pm

Jennifer Shoaff
Department of Gender & Race Studies
University of Alabama
January 26, 2012
205 Gorgas Library
3:30 pm
Respondent: Merinda Simmons
(Get a copy of the flyer here.)

Aaron Simmons
Department of Philosophy
Furman University
"What Remains of Religion Today?: A Philosophical Consideration"
March 26, 2012
205 Gorgas Library
3:30 pm