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Religious Studies Newsletter

Begun in 2003-4, the Department of Religious Studies publishes an annual newsletter, highlighting the accomplishments of our students as well as both our present and our past faculty.

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2003-4 (PDF)

2004-5 (PDF)

2005-6 (PDF)

2006-7 (PDF)

2007-8 (PDF)

2008 -9 (PDF)

2009-10 (PDF)

2010-11 (PDF)

2011-12 (PDF)

2012-13 (PDF)

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2014-2015 (PDF)
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2015-2016 (PDF)

Judaic Studies Newsletter

The Department also offers a minor in Judaic Studies, and Prof. Steve Jacobs, who holds the Department's endowed chair in Judaic Studies, has also edited a newsletter.

2003-4 (PDF)