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Religious Studies Library Reference Materials

"St. Jerome in His Study," by Albrecht Dürer (1514)


Read an essay by Prof. Jonathan Z. Smith, delivered in 1992 at Arizona State University, on classification and comparison.

If you have suggestions concerning reference resources that the Department's library ought to stock, please contact Prof. Tim Murphy, the library rep.


Each of the subject headings below lists the reference resources that are available in the Department's library--resources that are to be used on the premises--classified according to the system used by the Library of Congress.


Subclass AZ History of Scholarship and Learning. The Humanities

Subclass B Philosophy (General)

Subclass BF Psychology

Subclass BJ Ethics

Subclass BL Religions. Mythology. Rationalism

Subclass BM Judaism

Subclass BP Islam. Bahaism. Theosophy, etc.

Subclass BQ Buddhism

Subclass BR Christianity

Subclass BS The Bible

Subclass BT Doctrinal Theology

Subclass BV Practical Theology

Subclass BX Christian Donominations

Subclass CB History of Civilization

Subclass D History (General)

Subclass DD Germany

Subclass DS Asia

Subclass DT Africa

Subclass E America

Subclass F History (America)

Subclass GN Anthropology

Subclass HD Industries. Land Use. Labor

Subclass HQ The Family. Marriage. Women

Subclass HV Social pathology, Social and Public Welfare

Subclass KF United States Law

Subclass N Visual arts

Subclass NB Sculpture

Subclass ND Painting

Subclass NK Decorative Arts

Subclass PA Greek language and literature. Latin language and literature

Subclass PE English Language

Subclass PF West Germanic Languages

Subclass PJ Oriental languages and literatures

Subclass PL Languages and Literatures of Eastern Asia, Africa, Oceania

Subclass Z Books (General) Writing. Paleography. Book inductries and trade. Libraries. Bibliography.