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Artist's conception of how strategically placed mirrors can enhance the Department library.


Above, two views of the refurbished Department Library, located in Manly 200-A.

The Department is indebted to Prof. Kurtis Schaeffer, who led the way in selecting the titles, and Kim Davis, whose efforts over the summer of 2004 resulted in these changes. As part of this renovation, the Department of Religious Studies donated over 900 books, previously housed in the Department Library, to Gorgas Library.


The Department of Religious Studies' Library (located in Manly 200-A, adjacent to the Department's renovated student/faculty lounge) houses the Department's video/DVD collection as well as standard reference resources and current periodicals in the study of religion that will be of use to all of our students.

In addition, the library houses copies of current faculty members' books and sample works published by the many of the guest lecturers who have visited the Department since the Fall of 2001. The library is also the home to a collection of framed flyers for each of our past Aronov Lectures. Finally, the library houses a complete set of the University of Alabama Press's Judaic Studies series, edited by emeritus faculty member, Leon Weinberger.

The library and lounge are also the home of the Department's wireless internet connection, for students with laptops.

As with the lounge, the library will be kept open each day, during the Department's regular office hours. Occasionally, the library is used for teaching upper-level seminars, at which time its door will be closed.

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