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Eleanor Finnegan
Assistant Professor

Islam, Social Formation, Religion and Ecology, Critical Theory

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Office: 209 Manly Hall

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Eleanor Finnegan has a Ph.D. in Religion from the University of Florida and a M.T.S. from Vanderbilt University. She is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Religious Studies and has a partial appointment in the Department of History. Previously, she taught full time as a Lecturer at Coastal Carolina University (2010-2013).

Dr. Finnegan's research focuses how Muslims create identities and craft communities within larger religious, cultural, and ecological contexts. She is particularly interested in the ways that American Muslims interpret and embody religious and environmental beliefs and practices. Her work also focuses on the role of lived and textual traditions within Muslim communities and among scholars when constructing definitions of Islam.

Presently, she is working on a book manuscript that contains ethnographic data on understudied rural Muslim communities in the United States. Tentatively titled Teachers, Tilling, and Texts: Lived Religion on American Muslim Farms, her manuscript focuses on three American Sufi Muslim groups that have farms. She examines how everyday experiences of creating an agricultural community have led three American Sufi Muslim groups to develop distinctive ways of being Muslim, including ways of valuing and engaging the natural world.

Her publications include "What Traditions are Represented in Religion and Ecology? A Perspective from an American Scholar of Islam" and "Case Study: Images of 'Land' among Islamic Farmers in the U.S."

Dr. Finnegan has taught a variety of courses at the University of Florida and Coastal Carolina University. Courses she has previously taught include Introduction to Islam, Islamic Ethics and the Environment, Women and Gender in Islam, Islam in America, Stories and Histories of Muslims in Europe, World Religions, and American Religious History.

Courses Taught

REL 100 Introduction to Religious Studies

REL 236 Islam

REL 370 Hijab, Hip Hop, and Halal

REl 370 Islam and Modernity

REL 372 Islam and the West

REL 419 Texts in Islam Today