While a variety of our faculty members work in the area known as social theory, the regional or historical domain in which they carry out this work varies widely from person to person. Coupled with the expertise that is brought by other advisory committee members, an MA in the study of religion at the University of Alabama can be carried out in a variety of specialized areas.

Although not all areas of possible interest to applicants are currently covered by the faculty, at present the principle areas of expertise of faculty eligible to serve as graduate supervisors includes:

  • Afro-Caribbean
  • Ancient & Modern India
  • Antiquity
  • Classification
  • Colonialism
  • Diaspora
  • Gender
  • Holocaust & Genocide
  • Identity
  • Literature
  • Method & Theory
  • Myth & Ritual
  • New Testament
  • The Nones
  • Philosophy of Religion
  • The Past
  • Popular Culture
  • Race
  • Secularism

Meet our Graduate Director:

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