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Although the academic study of religion still remains little known to some people, you'd be amazed how many people will tell you that they took a survey of the world's religions during their college days and that they found it fascinating. As our current students and graduates will tell you, the field is so much more than just a world religions course.

Perhaps because most high schools still have nothing equivalent to the academic study of religion, many students who declare themselves as REL majors discover us only once they arrive on campus. In many cases, they first find us through a 100-level course that satisfies the Core Curriculum, such as REL 100. Some declare a double major because the study of religion either complements another area of interest (such as History or Anthropology) or simply because they find it interesting, regardless the subject area of their first major.

To assist anyone interested in learning more about what makes us tick, we thought we'd invite a few of our current students to let you know how they came across our classes and why they keep coming back for more.

Learn more about some of our current REL students; and check back in the future to meet more of our students.

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Christopher Crotwell

Geoffrey Davidson

Jaci Gresham

Joe Kimbrough

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