Religion in

Past Courses

" Why didn't you tell us that the alphabet is just twenty-six semiotic associations given meaning when arranged in certain combinations and then those combinations into groups eventually forming the English language? Why LeVar Why?!

Above image and caption provided by REL student John Lyles.



Spring 2010

REL100.001 Introduction to Religious Studies (Simmons)

REL100.002 Introduction to Religious Studies (McCutcheon)

REL100.003 Introduction to Religious Studies (Touna)

REL105.001 Honors Intro Religious Studies (Touna)

REL105.002 Honors Intro Religious Studies (Simmons)

REL110.901 & REL110.909 Intro to Hebrew Bible (McCormick) Distance Ed

REL112.001 Intro to New Testament (Trost)

REL112.901 & REL112.909 Intro to New Testament (McCormick) Distance Ed

REL220.001 Survey of Asian Religions (Ramey)

REL220.901 Survey of Asian Religion (McCormick) Distance Ed

REL224.001 Introduction to Judaism (Jacobs)

REL234.001 Women & Religion (Marouan)

REL321.001 Survey of Asian Religions (Ramey)

REL410.001 Religion & Genocide (Jacobs)

REL419.001 Myth, Ritual, and Magic: Religion & the South (Simmons)

REL480.001 Seminar in Religion in Culture: The Politics of Authenticity (McCutcheon)

REL480.002 Seminar in Religion in Culture: The Politics of Authenticity (Touna)

REL490.001 Capstone Senior Seminar (Marouan)