Past Courses

Did you know that Manly Hall (1901-1990) was also the name of a dashing, Canadian-born author and mystic?



Fall Courses

Fall 2010 Course Schedule (PDF)

REL100.001 Intro to Religious Studies (Jacobs)

REL100.002 Intro to Religious Studies (Johnson)

REL100.003 Intro to Religious Studies (Johnson)

REL105.001 Honors Intro to Religious Studies (Johnson)

REL105.002 Honors Intro to Religious Studies (Johnson)

REL110.901 Intro to Hebrew Bible (McCormick) Distance Ed

REL 112.001 Intro to New Testament (Trost)

REL112.901 Intro to New Testament (McCormick) Distance Ed

REL220.001 Survey of Asian Religion (Ramey)

REL220.901 Survey of Asian Religion (McCormick) Distance Ed

REL226.001 African Diaspora Religions (Marouan) colisted with AAST226.001

REL228.001/REL372.001 History of Christian Thought (Murphy)

REL347.001 Jewish-Christian Relations (Jacobs)

REL419.001 Myth Ritual and Magic: Religion in the South (Simmons)

REL440.001 Theories of Religion (Murphy)

REL483.001 Seminar: Recreating South Asia in America (Ramey)