Religion in

Past Courses

Although the Department is known for its innovative writing assignments, last semester's "2,000 word tattoo" was difficult to edit.



Fall 2009 Class Schedule

REL100.001 Intro to Religious Studies (Ramey)

REL100.002 Intro to Religious Studies (Simmons)

REL100.003 Intro to Religious Studies (Simmons)

REL105.001 Honors Intro to Religious Studies (Jacobs)

REL105.002 Honors Intro to Religious Studies (Simmons)

REL110.901 & REL110.909 Intro to Hebrew Bible (McCormick) Distance Ed

REL112.901 & REL112.909 Intro to New Testament (McCormick) Distance Ed

REL220.001 Survey of Asian Religion (Ramey)

REL220.901 Survey of Asian Religion (McCormick) Distance Ed

REL226.001 Black Religious Experiences (Marouan)

REL231.001 Religious Existentialism (Murphy)

REL332.001 Contemporary Jewish Thought (Jacobs)

REL370.001 Advanced Studies in Religion in Culture: Women & Spirituality (Marouan)

REL371.001 Advanced Studies in American Religions: Lakota Sioux (Murphy)

REL480.001 Seminar in Religion in Culture: Global Black Literature (Marouan)