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Yes Virginia, the fourth annual REL cartoon caption contest has come and gone....

2006-7's Winners

This year, the student association took over the contest, and gave it a facelift. And the winners, who received prizes at Honors Day 2007, are:

Sarah Luken's handiwork came with a caption: "My department post me on the interwebs to make caption contest. Please, crop and paste me. If not success, I will be execute."

And Karissa Rinas's "Ode to Brooks" speaks for itself.

2005-6's Winners

Last year's cartoon, once again by The New Yorker cartoonist Frank Cotham, was:

Click the image for a larger PDF version

And the winners are....

"Supposedly, this makes confession easier and more thorough."

- Tim Davis (pictured below, overcome by his own keen sense of youthful wit)

And honorable mention
goes to...

"Let there be light! Coors Light!"

- Jennifer Goodman (pictured below, perhaps under the influence of said Coors Light?)

Thanks to all those (i.e., Tim and Jennifer) who submitted a caption.

Visit here to see what our 2005-6 winners received.

2004-5's Winners

And the winners are...

"Would you mind if I waited inside?"

- Melanie Williams

"I'm sorry sir, but due to recent security issues
I'm going to have to ask you to check the bag."

- Meredith Griffin

"I don't know if that's Juan Valdez behind me--is my name on the list or not?"

- Matthew Satcher

Honorable mention went to Matt Miller, pictured above, with his witty REL 237 classmate, Meredith Griffin.

Because he completed his B.A. in December 2004, a little known statute in the U.S. Federal government's "All Graduates Left Behind" program disallows John Parrish's submission from being considered. Besides that, his first name doesn't begin with an "M." Nonetheless, his caption deserves honorable mention:

"Well, either I'm dead or I'm hallucinating. Either way, I shouldn't have drunk so much prune juice."

The three winning captions earned each of their writers a prize that was presented to them by Prof. Trost, in the Ferguson Center's Anderson Room, prior to Prof. Maarten Ultee's February 15, 2005, Religion in Culture Lecture.

Thanks to everyone who entered. See you next year...

Thanks to Samantha Sastre and Christine Scott, for their photographic expertise at the 2005 awards ceremony.

2003-4's Winners

Above is the cartoon that kicked off the annual REL caption contest. Below are the three winning captions, all submitted by REL majors (all of whom have long since graduated on gone on to better things...).

The original caption read:

"The secret is to stay hydrated."

"Don't look surprised. It wouldn't be hell if we were all naked and good looking"

- Mark Premo-Hopkins

"You know, even though Sartre left out the lake of fire, he was spot on with the whole 'hell is other people' thing..."

- Guy Cutting

"Boy, there sure are a lot of us."
"Yeah, and these are just the fornicators."

- John Parrish

These cartoons are used with permission.