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REL Logo and Banner

During the 2002-3 school year, the University's Marketing Communications was asked to design our logo. Roderick Guillen, the designer, came up with a stylized image of Manly Hall, the Department's home. Besides figuring prominently on our website, brochure, letterhead, and newsletter, the logo also appears on Department mugs, given to all majors and minors.

The frame on which the banner hangs outside the Department's main office was designed and made by Steve Davis, a well known Tuscaloosa metalsmith.

Steve has worked as an artist in the Tuscaloosa area for almost twenty years. Besides the private commissions he accepts, his work can be seen along the streets of downtown Northport, at the Hands-On Children's Museum on University Avenue in downtown Tuscaloosa, at the Birmingham Botanical Gardens, and at the University of Alabama Arboretum.

The Department is very pleased that it can now be added to the sites where Steve's public art appears in Tuscaloosa.

The tools of Steve Davis's trade...

Samples of Steve Davis's work

Photos courtesy of Kurtis Schaeffer, Betty Dickey, and Russell McCutcheon; Betty Dickey and Kim Davis must be thanked for arranging to have the banner made.


On January 17, 2004, members of the Department visited Steve Davis's workshop in old Northport, which is part of the Kentuck Arts Center.

Steve Davis (top and bottom), in his Northport workshop, with the nearly completed frame he designed and fabricated.

Top, left to right: Gabriele Fassbeck, Heather Swindler and her husband Kurtis Schaeffer, with their daughter Ruby, and Steve Davis; below, Russell McCutcheon.

Frame's details, prior to its burnished copper finish

Prof. Kurtis Schaeffer and artist Steve Davis standing on the Manly Hall veranda watching the banner go up, January 22, 2004.

Larry Jones installing the new banner frame,

Larry putting the finishing touches on the artwork.


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