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Art by Craig Nutt, BA in REL, 1972

Calling All REL Graduates...

Since 1966, when the Department of Religious Studies was officially formed at the University of Alabama, over 100 majors have graduated from the Department, not to mention many more minors in Religious Studies and, over the past fifteen years, minors in Judaic Studies as well.

In the Summer of 2003 a letter was sent by the Department Chair to 82 REL graduates for whom the Office of Alumni Affairs has current addresses. We invited replies that brought us up-to-date on what graduates are doing and what they thought of their time at UA.

If you would like to read the letter, click here for a PDF version.

If you are a graduate of our Department, whether a major or a minor, and wish to update us on what you are doing, provide us with a current mailing address, or simply tell us about your time in the Department, a Department which has changed a great deal over the years, then please send us an email at

We're looking forward to hearing about you!

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